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Kurilian Bobtails

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Kurilian bobtail is a native Russian breed, which was born, and developed on the Kuril Islands which are situated near the east cost of Russia.

A unique feature of the Kurilian bobtail breed is in fact that it’s 100% natural.  It’s quite common for people to think that kurilian bobtails have some wild lynx blood or that the breeders are docking the tails to the kittens but in fact kurilian bobtails are domestic cats & kittens are born with short tails from the beginning.  

Kurilian bobtails existed more than 100 years before the official recognition of the breed. Quite often they were brought to the continent by the military, and geologists who worked on islands. People were attracted to the great personality of kurilian bobtails and unusual look, but they didn’t care about showing and breeding. Everything changed, when in 1990, Tatyana Bocharova and Liliya Ivanova from Moscow, made a trip to Kurilian islands (Iturup and Kunashir), and brought several kurilian bobtails to Moscow. Tatyana Bocharova created the “Renaissance” cattery and used mostly kurilian bobtails from Iturup Island for her breeding program, & Liliya Ivanova created the “Kunashir” cattery, and used kurilian bobtails from Kunashir island for her breeding program. Tatyana and Liliya deserve recognition for the long hours, and hard work spent for developing the kurilian bobtail breed, & creating the first official standard.

The first official standard of the kurilian bobtail breed was developed by  the “SFF”(Soviet Feline Federation). The Kurilian bobtail breed was officially recognized by  the “SFF” on October,21,1991.

Nowadays, the kurilian bobtail breed is recognized by the “WCF”, “FIFE” and “TICA” organisations.

The main distinctive feature of the breed is its pom-pom tail. Each tail is unique, like a human fingerprint. The “correct” tail should have kinks or curves. It shouldn’t be straight. The visible length should be from 3 to 8 cm (1.18 -3.15 inches).The tail can be flexible or rigid.

The second most important distinctive feature of the breed is its legs, hind legs should be longer than front.

Kurilian bobtails have 2 types of coat variety: semi-longhair and shorthair.

All colours are permitted, except the Siamese pattern, the Abyssinian specific agouti, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Beige, Lilac & all their combinations with white.

Kurilian bobtails are the cats with great personality. They have a very well balanced character. Kurilian bobtails are very playful but non-destructive. They are non-hyperactive & non-vocal cats. They are highly intelligent cats. Kurilian bobtails are very social & adapt well to the new places, people & other pets. These cats are very gentle & loving but they are not the typical lap cats because of their independent nature.  They are highly devoted to their owners. This is definitely one of the favourite cat breeds among dog lovers. 

Kurilian bobtails are the perfect companions for both a single person and a big family.