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About Bobclan Cattery

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How everything started

I fell in love with kurilian bobtail breed when I saw a picture of the legendary Admiral Matroskin of Barrayar(breeder: Nina Chaplygina). Matroskin was just absolutely stunning cat!
He presented the breed on FIFE General Assembly in Amsterdam, in 2003. Since that moment kurilian bobtail breed was recognized in FIFE.
I was waiting for shorthaired male kitten from Matroskin for quite a long time before I found an advertisment from "Eridan" cattery. So... when I payed a visit to the cattery I saw plenty of kittens and while we were sitting and chatting with Zinaida one of the kittens suddenly jumped on my knees and looked straight in to my eyes. At that very moment I understood that he's my special one. That boy was my gorgeous and precious Emir Eridan, the son of Admiral Matroskin of Barrayar and Arina Eridan, the daughter of Zoryana Renaissance. Zoryana Renaissance was born in the "Renaissance" Cattery one of the founder kurilian bobtail catteries.
Tatyana Botcharova was one of the two original people responsible for getting kurilian bobtail breed recognition. Together with Liliya Ivanova they brought kurilian bobtails from Kurilian islands to Moscow and started to breed them and developed the breed standard.
I didn't have any plans for breeding and showing just wanted big red nice cat but when Emir was 1,2 year old I decided just to try to show him. The first show we took part in was in June,2006. I decided to continue Emir's show career because I found cat shows quite exiting. I became more and more involved in a cat fancy so I started to think about my own cattery. I was seeking for a female cat for more than a year but ironically I found her in the same "Eridan" cattery. That was my beauty Nastasia Eridan, the daughter of Jacobs Forbarra of Barrayar and Veda Eridan.
Jacobs Forbarra of Barrayar was outstanding cat too. He presented breed in Amsterdam as well. Veda Eridan was a daughter of Lusha Renaissance from "Renaissance" Cattery and Asterix of Barrayar, the sibling of Admiral Matroskin.
I'm honored and happy to have this legendary breed lines in my Cattery and very grateful for this to Zinaida Fedorova, "Eridan" Cattery and Nina Chaplygina, "Barrayar" Cattery who did a great job together!
I did show my cats in FIFE for quite a long time than I started to show them in TICA when kurilian bobtails were in Preliminary New breed status.
Together Emir and Nastasia gave birth to 3 litters in my Cattery and 1 litter in the Cattery "Favorit Tails", where Nastasia moved after she finished the breeding program in my cattery.
Nowadays I'm continuing breeding with "Eridan" and "Barrayar" breed lines and new breed lines.


Cattery Registration

  •  The cattery name "Bob's Clan*RU" was registered with FIFE on 23 of October, 2007.
  •  The cattery name "Bobclan" was registered ...with TICA on 21 of December, 2012.
  •  Until the year 2014 the cattery was located in Moscow, Russia but in the year 2014 we have moved to England so now we are located in Swindon, Wiltshire.



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